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Production trend of UV LED

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UV LED under May 31, 2020

  At the beginning of the new year, in the face of the fierce epidemic situation, some vertical categories that are not normally concerned about are rapidly becoming popular, and materials related to epidemic prevention and control have become hot goods.Through this epidemic, the whole society has enhanced health awareness, and the status of disinfection and cleaning industry in protecting people's life and health has undoubtedly been improved.Among them, ultraviolet sterilization, as a means of disinfection and protection, has quietly accelerated the pace of growth due to the epidemic situation.  The attention of deep ultraviolet products in public defense is rising rapidly, many friends around have also bought deep ultraviolet products to sterilize and resist the epidemic situation.

  In the face of the sudden increase of UVC market demand, the production capacity is far from being able to meet the market demand.In this situation, Jason semiconductor timely personnel deployment, procurement of new production equipment to fill the gap.With the increase of machines and equipment and the stability of personnel, the output of UVC LED has been significantly improved.

  The output of UVC LED lamp beads was less than 100k at the beginning of the year, but increased to 10kk in May.

  From deep violet epitaxy to packaged lamp bead products, R & D, production and auxiliary departments actively respond to various problems, and on the basis of ensuring the quality, the output has been improved.

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