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White paper on UV LED industry development

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  As the core participant of the white paper on the development of UV LED industry, Yuanrong Jason is honored and happy.Thanks to the Editorial Committee and everyone who participated in the white paper for their support.The Editorial Committee of the white paper on the development of UV LED industry has made the following explanations:

  Before 2019 ncov, UV LED industry was like a bee lying on glass windows, and it was bright in future, but it was difficult to find a vigorous exit.

  In order to accelerate the industrial development and make good technology benefit human in a more scientific way, experts said that the United UV LED industry alliance, UV LED wind vane and industry leading enterprises jointly launched "2019-2020 UV" LED industry development white paper "hopes to reduce the information gap between the upstream and the middle and the lower reaches of the industrial chain, solve the problems of information asymmetry, poor communication and resource sharing, so as to make the industrial chain meet more consumers in a faster and healthier way.

Obviously, after the novel coronavirus attacked, ultraviolet radiation was one of the sterilization and sterilization programs.It was a stage to rush to the public with a worried way.The driving force of UV LED industry was obvious.In the first half of 2020, most enterprises increased by more than 300% year on year, and the growth rate of individual enterprises even reached 700% and 800%, with a very strong momentum.

  The demand is increasing, and the players on the field expand production in succession.The players on the field are eager to enter the stadium for a share.However, behind this UV carnival, there are more acute and can not be ignored problems: ordinary consumers have insufficient understanding of UV products, which easily confuse UV mercury lamp with UV LED; some bad manufacturers use UVA and UVB Even ordinary white light is used to pretend as UVC, and the second is the best; the safety prompt for consumers has not been deeply rooted in the people's mind and there are hidden dangers; the standards of radiation intensity are different in various application scenarios and the effect is unknown; it is difficult for industry chain players to find the right partners, which takes time and effort

  If these problems can not be solved, on the one hand, consumers' trust in UV products will be lost, on the other hand, it will disrupt the normal competition order of the industry, which will lead to the phenomenon of bad currency expelling good currency.

  Therefore, I hope to achieve more close interaction and exchange among core players of the industrial chain through white paper, and repeatedly collide the outstanding problems affecting the process of industrial chain in thought, method and practice, and finally pass the results to UV LED practitioners, followers and investors, so as to have more choices and references in the trend and direction.

  This white paper is mainly composed of experts saying that industrial research center, UV LED industry alliance, UV LED wind vane, San'an photoelectric, Meixing, Guoxing photoelectric, Yuanrong Jason, China core, Longda electronics, Yongcheng optoelectronics, increasingly prosperous, longxingda, Suzhou Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhonghuan lighting, Huiyi technology, Huasheng optics, Aode photoelectric The main compilation of Zhongsheng photoelectric, rising spectrum photoelectric, Xuyu photoelectric, Meian web, the same party, Zishu medical treatment and topanwei are mainly compiled.The relevant definitions, development overview, key technologies, new characteristics of UV LED, the status and characteristics of each application scenario, typical application case analysis, overall scale prediction and sensitivity calculation of main scene consumption light source are summarized.On this basis, the problems and challenges faced by the development of UV LED terminal industry are summarized, and some suggestions are put forward in order to provide reference support materials for the development of UV LED industry and related policies and standards.

  Of course, we know that the way to popularize and explore UV products is still a long way to go.We hope that the white paper on the development of UV LED industry 2019-2020 will make the UV LED industry less confused and more clear and shining, so as to reward everyone who pays attention to UV LED and supports UV LED.

  Let technology change life!

  Let Yuanrong Jason sail for your health!

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