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   Jason Semiconductor deep ultraviolet disinfection products are essential products for human health and quality of life.Its core sterilization technology (270-285nm ultraviolet radiation,which can penetrate the virus shell,fungi,spores and microbial cell walls,directly destroy the molecular structure of bacterial DNA or RNA,make the bacteria die or can not replicate,and achieve the purpose of physical sterilization,safe and efficient) The sterilization rate of products with deep UV sterilization core technology is more than 99.99%.

  Different from the common mercury lamp sterilization on the market,the output light power per unit area of deep ultraviolet LED is nearly 1000 times that of mercury lamp.Deep UV is also different from the near ultraviolet commonly seen in the market.The bactericidal effect of deep UV is twice that of near UV! Heachips deep UV sterilization technology can kill most bacteria and viruses in 3-40 seconds!

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