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  Ma'anshan Jason Semiconductor Co., Ltd founded in 2016, is located in Ma'anshan economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a high-tech enterprise under Yuanrong Technology (Stock Code: 832502). The company has independent intellectual property rights in the key core technologies of deep ultraviolet LED epitaxial material growth, chip preparation, lamp bead packaging, module and application, focusing on the wavelength range of 260nm ~ 320nm The R & D, production and application of foreign LED products and GaN-MOCVD epitaxial equipment are domestic leading-edge semiconductor device technology enterprises with a registered capital of 60 million yuan. It is an early, large-scale and relatively complete DUV LED production enterprise in China.
  The business scope includes technical research and development and production of semiconductor optoelectronic devices; sales of semiconductor optoelectronic devices and application system products and related technical service consultation; production and sales of UV-LED curing module and equipment; research and development and application service of UV-LED application technology, design, installation and maintenance of UV-LED application system; semiconductor crystal film growth equipment, compound semiconductor optoelectronics Research and development, manufacturing and wholesale of products, as well as the technology transfer, technical consultation and technical services for the growth of semiconductor crystal thin film materials; the manufacturing and wholesale of mechanical and electrical products and spare parts; the import and export business of all kinds of commodities and technologies (except the commodities and technologies restricted by the state and prohibited from import and export by the state); the development and application services of medical application technology; Medical equipment processing and production; medical equipment sales; medical equipment appearance and function design, door-to-door installation and maintenance.
  We adhere to the business philosophy of science and technology for progress, management for efficiency, quality for survival, integrity for development, and will strive for a common goal: to provide customers with excellent products, reasonable prices and perfect after-sales service. Welcome new and old customers at home and abroad. Sincere cooperation, create brilliance together!

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