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Sterilization technology

What are the application prospects of deep UV uvc-led sterilization

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  For a wide range of application scenarios, we provide a complete set of industry and technical solutions to help customers efficiently import uvc-led sterilization technology.

  The solution covers surface sterilization, air purification, water disinfection, medical health, analysis and detection, etc.

  Surface sterilization
  There are bacteria that we can't see everywhere in our life. In used toothbrushes, chopping boards, baby bottles, and even modern people's mobile phones all the time, the bacteria on the surface of objects that directly and indirectly contact the human body are considered in the application of deep ultraviolet LED sterilization.
  Jiesheng semiconductor integrates the whole set of disinfection package application products from uvc-led original factory, professional PCBA solution provider and finished product factory.
  Water disinfection
  Nearly 3.4 million people worldwide die from water related diseases every year, most of them children. Although the municipal water treatment system has been developed and improved, the harm still exists, mainly because the infection may be introduced downstream.
Jason UVC LED provides the technology of installing water disinfection treatment at the point of use, which can carry out ultraviolet disinfection on portable water containers and faucets and pipes at distribution points, such as drinking water dispensers, beverage vending machines, coffee machines, dental chairs, intelligent toilet seats and ice makers.
  Air purification
  Many diseases are mainly caused by airborne microorganisms, such as influenza, rhinovirus (common cold) and more dangerous pathogens such as tuberculosis. Mold and spores can also reside in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems of buildings, leading to a range of diseases, such as building related diseases. In order to reduce the incidence of diseases, air disinfection systems such as air purifiers can be installed in HVAC level or auxiliary enterprises and consumer equipment.
  Deep ultraviolet rays can kill bacteria in the air system, because the ultraviolet wave length can be transmitted through the air, so it is easy to kill the bacteria. The use of ultraviolet mercury lamp can solve this problem to a certain extent, but it also leads to the difficulty of miniaturization. UVC LEDs provide high antibacterial activity with very small and rugged light sources.
By combining the deep UV LED with the filter, it is possible to achieve a compact but more space disinfection air purifier.
  Health care
  In the hospital, especially the waiting room, ward, examination room, operating room, must be kept clean to prevent cross infection. Many methods have been used for disinfection, such as filters, chemicals, UV mercury lamps, etc. However, from the point of view of size and safety, the use of UV mercury lamps, chemicals, etc. is limited. With compact structure and mercury free, deep UV LED can significantly improve hospital environment.
In addition, in some skin diseases, the healing effect can also be achieved by irradiating certain wavelengths of ultraviolet rays. Although the medical equipment using ultraviolet mercury lamp has been put into practical application, the compact, wavelength optional and long service life of deep UV LED can achieve a more compact and safe equipment compared with traditional equipment. Due to its compact, single wavelength and the ability to select any wavelength, deep UV LED can be used in the field of blood analysis (dialysate dose monitor (DDM)) to continuously measure the composition change of used dialysate * 1 by UV light absorption, and determine the dialysis dose. The dialysis dose is displayed on the screen to ensure that the patient has been fully treated in each treatment.
  Analysis and detection
  Some substances have the property that they can absorb the ultraviolet light of a specific wavelength and produce fluorescence. Therefore, the material composition can be obtained by irradiating ultraviolet light and measuring the amount of light transmitted;
Accurate measurement and repeatable wavelength analysis of UV light source and Jason light source.
  Automobile industry
  With the improvement of living standards, cars have begun to enter every household. Automobile air conditioners rarely clean, sterilize and disinfect regularly as household air conditioners, and it is easy to spread bacteria quickly in confined spaces after breeding bacteria in automobile air conditioners; because of its compact type,UV LED can be integrated into automobile air conditioning, adding a guarantee for healthy travel.

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