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Sterilization technology

Principle, technology and effect of ultraviolet sterilization

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  Deep ultraviolet light with peak wavelength of 240-300nm can destroy DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) of bacteria and make it unable to replicate, so as to achieve bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect. Different from the principle of light ultraviolet (320-400nm), the bactericidal activity of deep ultraviolet is thousands of times higher than that of light ultraviolet at the same dose.

  Deep ultraviolet sterilization has the following characteristics: the sterilization process is a physical destruction process, without any by-products; the sterilization process is not affected by chemical equilibrium conditions such as temperature, concentration and activity; it is non-toxic, no residue and no odor; the cell wall and viral protein shell of all bacteria have no shielding ability to ultraviolet rays; ultraviolet rays cause unified damage to DNA and RNA, so it is not necessary to change drugs It is especially suitable for air, water and surface sterilization.

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