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Sterilization technology

Bactericidal efficiency of ultraviolet rays on common bacteria and viruses

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Bactericidal efficiency of ultraviolet on common bacterial viruses (UV irradiation intensity: 30000uw / cm2)

The data reported in different literatures are slightly different for reference only.

  The absorption and sterilization effect of deep ultraviolet light with peak wavelength around 260nm is the highest, and the germicidal efficacy is about 80% at 275nm and 77% at 280nm.

  Although 280 band is not the most ideal band for sterilization, the luminous efficiency of LEDs with wavelength less than 280 nm declines by about 50%. The shorter the wavelength of UVC LED is, the more difficult it is to provide high light power. 280 nm high light power is used to make up for the deficiency of sterilization efficiency.
  According to the future product release plan of Nichia chemical, it also focuses on the research and development of 280nm led and the improvement of optical power.

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