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Sterilization technology

About UV LED

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Ultraviolet rays are naturally produced and are part of the electromagnetic spectrum produced by the sun. Like visible light, it can be produced using traditional mercury lamp and LED technology.      Ultraviolet light is widely used, including material curing, health care and disinfection, air surface and water surface disinfection. Mercury lamp is the most widely used ultraviolet light source, but today, smaller, more robust, non-toxic ultraviolet light-emitting diodes have been developed, which can replace mercury lamp in many solutions. The small size of UV light-emitting diodes makes it possible to integrate the technology into a wide range of consumer applications, which can help people to be healthier and feel better.

  Ultraviolet is electromagnetic radiation, just like visible X-rays and infrared light. The UV wavelength of electromagnetic spectrum is between 10 nm and 400 nm. The visible light spectrum ranges from 400 nm to 700 nm. The X-ray spectrum ranges from 0.01 nm to 10 nm.

According to different wavelength regions, UV spectrum is usually divided into four parts: ultraviolet, UVC, UVB, UVA.

  1. Ultraviolet refers to electromagnetic wave with 10-200nm wavelength;

  2. UV-A (315-400nm): most of them can reach the surface, which is the cause of skin problems such as wrinkles, relaxation and tanning;

  3. UV-B (280-315nm): part of it is absorbed and attenuated by the atmosphere, and the rest reaches the surface, causing skin cancer, sunburn, cataract and other problems;

  4. UV-C (100-288nm): the absorbable wavelength of biological DNA is around 250nm. After exposure, DNA molecules will be disordered and genetic function will be destroyed (inactivated), which will easily cause skin cancer. The effect on eyes is the same as UV-B. In addition, most of the UV-C wavelengths are absorbed by the ozone layer and oxygen molecules in the atmosphere, and rarely reach the surface. (this is also one of the reasons for concern about the destruction of the ozone layer in the earth's environmental problems).

  The characteristics of UV LED are as follows:

  1. Effective

  2. Security

  3. Intelligence

  4. Reliable

  5. Portable

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